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about 1 hour ago (2017) ‘Abstraction’ is a dirty word. – Pete Smith – Medium
about 3 hours ago (2018) James Stanley - Someone used my IPFS gateway for phishing
about 16 hours ago Ancient psychedelic drugs were found in 1,000-year-old pouch
about 18 hours ago Having Kids
about 20 hours ago Building a new Win 3.1 app in 2019 Part 1: Slack client
about 21 hours ago Mastering Embedded Linux, Part 2: Hardware
about 24 hours ago (2015) Be wary of one-time pads and other crypto unicorns
1 day ago This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web
1 day ago Burning the Bones of the Earth: Lime Kilns
1 day ago Sarah2: A strong pen-and-paper cipher
1 day ago Surfing the Internet... from my TRS-80 Model 100
1 day ago ESP8266 - 1+ Year 18650 battery lifetime
1 day ago (2018) How to Build a Low-tech Internet
1 day ago The Lost Worlds of Telnet - The New Stack
2 days ago Y2K, 20 years later: Document’s contributors recall the armageddon that never was