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about 12 hours ago (2020) Who do we spend time with across our lifetime?
about 20 hours ago (2020) Cameras and Lenses – Bartosz Ciechanowski
about 21 hours ago (2020) AI can now train on tiny 4-bit computers
2 days ago (2014) What research says about cats: they're selfish, unfeeling, environmentally harmful creatures
2 days ago (2020) Working from home at 25MHz: You could do worse than a Quadra 700 (even in 2020)
3 days ago (2020) IRC Over LoRa, For When Things Really Go South
3 days ago (2020) The Verboten Band
4 days ago (2020) Your Own Private LoRa Pager Network
4 days ago (2020) ericfischer/if-then-else
4 days ago (2020) The science of addiction: Do you always like the things you want?
5 days ago (2020) To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language
5 days ago (2020) The 100 Year Computer
5 days ago (2020) LiquidPiston's "inside-out" rotary X-Engine wins Army research contract
5 days ago (2020) A New Breakthrough In Tape Storage Could Squeeze 580 TB Onto a Single Cartridge
8 days ago (2020) Big Blue Shines A Light On The Future Of Tape Storage