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about 11 hours ago Why don't internet chat rooms exist anymore like in the 90s? | Blue is Me
1 day ago A CCTV Company Is Paying Remote Workers in India to Yell at Armed Robbers
3 days ago So, You Want to Build a House More Efficiently? - Austin Vernon's Blog
3 days ago ESP8266 Network Meters Show Off Unique Software
3 days ago Internet-in-a-Box
3 days ago I Still Use Plain Text for Everything, and I Love It
3 days ago I Am Also Powerless Over Diet Coke, and It Rules
3 days ago Hacker News folk wisdom on visual programming – drossbucket
4 days ago The parallel universe of FireWire hubs
4 days ago Yes, Personal Projects are Work Experience
4 days ago Breakthrough in 3D scanning means results are 4500% more accurate
5 days ago I made 56874 calls to explore the telephone network. Here's what I found
5 days ago Single bee is making an immortal clone army thanks to a genetic fluke | Live Science
5 days ago Seeing the invisible: tiny crystal films could make night vision an everyday reality
6 days ago Building a tiny FORTH for an Arduino UNO in one week
7 days ago Meet The Dev Who's Still Making Physical Game Boy Games | Digital Trends
7 days ago This AMD Ryzen-powered Sega Dreamcast is the perfect mini gaming PC
8 days ago Nicole gets a real computer! The Microsoft Z80 SoftCard!
8 days ago (2014) The 18th Century four-minute mile
8 days ago Installing Linux Like It’s 1989
8 days ago Raspberry Pi Pico Micro ATX Motherboard Passes First Test
8 days ago Funazushi: The fermented predecessor of modern sushi
10 days ago With the rise of global instability, can ceramic storage save our digital culture?
11 days ago 'Biggest Story in the World Right Now': Humanity Has Flipped Amazon From Carbon Sink to Source | Common Dreams News
11 days ago What Did Ancient Languages Sound Like? - Antigone
13 days ago (2016) A Primer on DarkNet Marketplaces
13 days ago 2,400-Year-Old Baskets Still Filled With Fruit Found in Submerged Egyptian City
13 days ago Electroceuticals Could Help You Forget and Get Rid of Your Disease For Good
14 days ago Back to the Future with RSS!
15 days ago Redditors Are Stapling Bread to Trees in Sheffield, England