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about 22 hours ago UC Berkeley robotics lab wants to fully automate a polyculture garden
3 days ago A Hill to Die On - Why Lead Free Solder is Better For You
3 days ago The coronavirus crisis proves the internet should be a public utility
3 days ago The Fundamental Concepts ofBluetooth Mesh Networking Part 1
4 days ago » The Shareware Scene, Part 1: The Pioneers The Digital Antiquarian
4 days ago TorrentNet - Distributed Search Engine Using SQLite
4 days ago How to store data forever
4 days ago (2018) A Look at the Design of Lua
4 days ago Why we at $FAMOUS_COMPANY Switched to $HYPED_TECHNOLOGY
4 days ago EETimes - How it was: Paper tapes and punched cards
4 days ago (2017) Knuth: MMIX
4 days ago Inside the Am2901: AMD's 1970s bit-slice processor
4 days ago Extracting ROM constants from the 8087 math coprocessor's die
4 days ago Breakthrough of Digital Culture: Finland accepts the Demoscene on its national UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity
4 days ago The Confessions of the Hacker Who Saved the Internet